Pennsylvania Workers Compensation
For Restaurants (Costs & PA Requirements)

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Learn about Pennsylvania workers compensation for restaurants including costs and coverage. Workers comp helps PA food service businesses & their employees by covering legal fees for defense of work-related injuries, employee medical expenses and lost wages.

PA Workers Compensation For Restaurants

Pennsylvania Workers Compensation For Restaurants

If you work in food service, you know there are plenty of accidents or mishaps that happen regularly. Anything from a wet floor to hot grease can pose a danger to employees.

Workers compensation exposures come from slips, falls, cuts, puncture wounds, burns, foreign objects in the eye, hearing impairment from noise, heavy and awkward lifting, and interactions with customers. Employees must be trained on the carrying of heavy dishes between the kitchen and the serving areas. Food and beverage handling can result in passing bacteria or viruses, resulting in illness. While smoking is prohibited in bars in many states, others still permit this. In those states, workers can incur occupational disease from the ongoing inhalation of secondhand smoke.

As with all retail businesses, hold-ups are possible, so employees should be trained to respond in a prescribed manner. Cleaning workers can develop respiratory ailments or contact dermatitis from working with chemicals. The employees in many restaurants tend to be minimum wage and turnover may be high. Company incentives to encourage long-term employment are positive signs of management control.

If you are an owner of a PA food business or restaurant, you need to protect yourself from potential liability for things that happen to your employees while they are on the job. Accidents can be crippling to your business if you are made to pay out large sums of money each time.

The best solution is to get Pennsylvania workers compensation for restaurants so that you can run your business with peace of mind.

What Is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers compensation insurance is a plan that shields you and your business from claims by employees that have been hurt on the job. If someone that is working for you suffers an injury (or even dies), this policy takes care of the costs associated with that so that you do not have to pay out-of-pocket. It covers lost wages and any medical costs of employees that have been injured on the job. In extreme cases, it can also cover death benefits should a family member chose to sue you.

Without Pennsylvania workers compensation for restaurants coverage, you have to pay all medical fees and legal services upfront. And the failure to do so can lead to large fines and even imprisonment in some states.

What Does Workers Comp For Food Service Businesses Cover?

There are many things that can happen in a PA restaurant, but the most common things you can see covered are events such as slips and falls from wet floors, cuts from knives while cutting food, burns from any surface or liquid, and muscle (or bone) injury from carrying heavy objects.

However, external events can also be covered. Often times the restaurant being robbed can cause damage or injury to employees. Robberies and assaults are usually covered if they happen while you are on the job. Car accidents, if they happen when going to and from a work-related location, can also be covered by workers comp.

Jurisdictional Differences

Pennsylvania requires workers compensation coverage if you have any non-owner or partner emloyees. See PA workers comp class codes for more information.

Part-time contractors may even need to be covered as well. When talking to your insurance company, make sure to ask about PA specific laws, as they'll surely have information on what you need to do to comply.

Fullest Coverage Or Exclude Owners?

The PA workers comp policy you get should have high enough limits to make sure you don't have to pay directly for your employees injuries. As a restaurant owner you may want to include yourself under your workers comp coverage to give yourself protection if because of a work related injury become sick, hurt or otherwise unable to work. If this is something you are not able to afford, typically owners and partners can always opt out with certain plans. Talk to your insurance agent to make sure you are getting the most relevant coverage for your business.

Risk Management

Having Pennsylvania workers compensation coverage is necessary for your food service business though it's not the only thing you can do to reduce cost. Before your insurance kicks in, you can take steps to stop accidents from happening:

Proper training and education can help cut off many accidents before they occur.

PA Food Service Workers Compensation Class Codes

975 RESTAURANT, N.O.C. - all employees except office: Applicable to retail businesses principally engaged in preparing food(s) and selling the prepared food(s) and beverages (alcoholic or nonalcoholic) to the public for immediate consumption on the businesses' premises. This is a "traditional" restaurant where customers may either select their table or be seated by a hostess or another of the businesses' employees, browse a varied menu while seated at their table and place their food order with a member of the wait staff who will then place the order with the kitchen staff. The prepared food will be served to the customer by the wait staff who remains available to further assist the customer during the course of the meal. Where wait service is provided it is the practice for customers to give a gratuity to the wait staff person based upon the quality of service provided.

UNDERWRITING GUIDE: Dinner Theater & Restaurant, N.O.C.

OPERATIONS NOT INCLUDED: 1. Assign Code 944 to country or yacht clubs or golf courses. 2. Assign Code 945 to hotel restaurants.

897 FAST-FOOD RESTAURANT - All employees except office: Applicable to a retail business principally engaged in preparing food(s) and selling the prepared food(s) and generally nonalcoholic beverages to the public for immediate consumption, either on the business' premises or on a take-out basis. Fast-food restaurants have a limited menu and no wait service except on an occasional or accommodation basis. Customer orders are typically placed at a counter (the menu being openly displayed above and/or behind the counter), via a drive-through service, by telephone or by Internet and are rapidly filled. Fast-food restaurants generally sell nonalcoholic beverages, but certain fast-food restaurants may also have incidental alcoholic beverage sales. Where there are "eat-in" facilities, counter staff wipe down tables and may also clear tables after a customers' food has been consumed. Included within (but not necessarily limited to) this definition are retail businesses principally engaged in the preparation and sale of: hamburgers, tacos, pizza or chicken. Also contemplated are retail businesses principally engaged as either buffet or cafeteria-style restaurants. Buffet or cafeteria-style restaurants offer a buffet-type meal. Customers may serve themselves or staff may serve food to customers in the buffet line. Staff may clear tables after customers have completed their meal. There is no wait service.

UNDERWRITING GUIDE: Buffet Or Cafeteria-Style Restaurant, Cafeteria Or Buffet-Style Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Fast-Food Restaurant, Luncheonette, Pizza Shop - Retail, Sandwich Or Other Food Preparation By Vending, Machine Operators & Sandwich Shop.

899 BAR, Tavern, Cocktail Lounge, NIGHTCLUB or Discotheque - All employees except office: A bar, tavern, cocktail lounge, nightclub or discotheque is a retail establishment principally engaged in the sale of alcoholic beverages by the drink that is open to the general public. These establishments may offer some type of entertainment such as a dance floor, disc jockey, live music or one or more televisions showing sporting events. Such businesses may or may not also prepare food and sell the prepared food to customers for immediate consumption. Where food is not prepared, the establishment may sell packaged snacks. In either scenario, food preparation and service is not a majority of the employer's operations.

UNDERWRITING GUIDE: Bar, Cocktail Lounge, Discotheque, Nightclub & Tavern.

898 CATERER - All employees except office: There are four types of catering businesses that provide food service: social, industrial or institutional, concession or mobile. Social caterers are hired for a single event such as a wedding, party or business affair. The social caterer provides the client with a menu of food items, types of beverages, colors of linens, other available amenities and, if applicable, a listing of the types of entertainment. The client is then responsible for choosing food, beverages, color schemes and/or entertainment. Once all of the services to be provided have been determined, the social caterer may produce a contract based on the predetermined services. Alcoholic beverages may be provided at the event, but the sale of alcoholic beverages is not the principal source of revenue. This type of catering may be performed either on the caterer's premises or at the customer's premises.

Institutional or industrial caterers operate under contract to provide in-house food service for businesses, hospitals, nursing homes, schools or similar customers. These catering operations generally plan menus and perform the preparation and sale of food in a cafeteria-style environment. Concession caterers are usually located at but are not limited to airports, sports stadiums, amusement parks, theaters or museums. The concession caterer operates under contract with the client facility to provide prepared food and beverages to the client's patrons. The concession caterer may also use "walking vendors" throughout the venue.

Mobile caterers provide food and beverages from a truck with cooking equipment, parked on the sidewalk at locations such as a construction site, factory or university with large commuting student body or travel a predetermined daily route.

UNDERWRITING GUIDE: Cafeteria - Operated By Independent Or Specialist Contractor, Caterer - All Types, Food And/Or Beverage Concession - By Specialist Contractor, Industrial Caterer, Institutional Caterer, Meals On Wheels, Mobile Catering, Social Caterer & Soup Kitchen.

OPERATIONS ALSO INCLUDED: Also included within the scope of this class are caterers providing food service to unrelated airlines or railroads. "Meals on Wheels" operations (organizations who provide a service to deliver hot meals to those who cannot prepare the food themselves) are further assigned to Code 898.

918 BAKERY SHOP - Retail, including on-site preparation, all employees except office: Applicable to businesses principally engaged in producing bakery products or businesses who buy finished bakery products from unrelated producers and the principal sales are over-the-counter for personal or household consumption, either on premises or through satellite outlets.

UNDERWRITING GUIDE: Bagel Shop, Production And/Or Selling On Premises - Retail, Bakery Shop, Baking And/Or Selling On Premises - Retail, Cookie Shop, Baking And/Or Selling On Premises - Retail, Donut Shop, Baking And/Or Selling On Premises - Retail, Pretzel Shop - Heating, Baking And/Or Selling On The Premises Retail Bakery - No Baking On Premises, Retail Bakery - Selling Purchased Bakery Products.

944 CLUB - Country, Golf or Yachting - all employees except office: Includes restaurant or tavern employees and all operations performed by club employees including but not necessarily limited to: those conducted by desk and room clerks, housekeepers, instructors, pro shop sales clerks, club attendants and golf starters. Assign the appropriate marina classification to separately staffed marina or yacht basin operations.

UNDERWRITING GUIDE: Club - Country, Golf Or Yachting, Country Club, Golf Course - Pro Shop - Operated By Golf Course, Golf Course - Public Or Private & Yacht Club.

945 HOTEL RESTAURANT employees, all employees except office. For use in conjunction with Code 973 only

Pennsylvania Workers Compensation For Restaurants - The Bottom Line

We hope this article on Pennsylvania workers compensation for restaurants was informative. Accidents happen every day in restaurants. Working with hot liquids, oil and gas, and lifting heavy boxes can put many employees at risk for injury, which you may have to compensate them for. Additionally, the time they do not spend at work can cost you (and them) money. The best way to protect yourself from having to pay out massive fees each time there is an accident is to make sure you get a workers comp policy for food service in force before anything happens.

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Pennsylvania Insurance Regulations

There are some regulations when it comes to Pennsylvania insurance that you should be aware of. We will be looking closely at both personal and commercial insurance within PA to find out what the regulations and limits are, so that whether you own a business or simply drive a car, you are able to get the insurance that is required by law. Understanding what the law requires the first step to making sure that you are compliant. Let's take a close look at these types of insurance.

PA Commercial Insurance

First, let's discuss business insurance. There are lots of different types of business insurance that you can get, but the most common one out there is what is called commercial liability or general liability insurance. This type of insurance protects you in case you are sued by someone who comes on your property and is injured or has their property damaged by something that happens on your premises. This may be something as simple as slipping on a wet floor or it might be a parking lot mishap the damages the vehicles there. However, this is not a mandatory type of insurance required by Pennsylvania law.

There are two types of insurance that are required in Pennsylvania however. These are pretty standard across most states. The first is Worker's Compensation insurance which is sort of like health insurance for anyone who is injured on the job. In addition, Pennsylvania requires that commercial vehicles that are actively being used in a business carry commercial auto insurance.

Pennsylvania Personal Insurance

You also need to know what the regulations are for personal insurance. The first type of insurance we will cover is auto insurance. In Pennsylvania, you are required to carry liability insurance for bodily injury of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident. In addition, property damage liability coverage is required at an amount of $5000. You are also required to carry uninsured motorist coverage at $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident as well as underinsurance motorist coverage at $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident. Finally, Pennsylvania requires first party benefits medical payments coverage of $5000. This is a great deal more than is required in most states.

There also some life insurance regulations that you will find under Title 40 of the state statutes. A free look period of 10 days is required for life insurance, there is a grace period on payments of 30 days and there is a guaranteed benefits and cash value law as well.

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