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Learn about truckers general liability insurance, what it covers and how much it costs. Also known as motor truck general liability, it covers accidents while loading or unloading also in parking lots & rest stops.

Truckers General Liability Insurance

Due to the dangers that are present on the road today, it is vital you have the correct insurance in place, especially if you drive a truck.
A long career spent on the road increases your risk for accidents, injuries, and costly repairs. It is crucial that you find an insurance policy that is tailored to the unique needs presented by those who drive long-haul or for-hire trucks for a living.

Ensure you have the best policies in place before you hit the road by learning more about truckers general liability insurance coverage.

What Does Truckers General Liability Insurance Cover?

There are numerous risks faced by truck drivers on the road today. These include:

There are numerous risks faced by truck drivers on the road today. These include:

  • Collisions
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Damage sustained when loading or unloading
  • Driver actions when on customer premises, such as damage done to the loading dock

Some policies also cover the products you are hauling, while others have this option as an add-on to an existing truckers general liability insurance policy.

Who Should Consider Truckers Insurance?

Anyone who works as a for-hire trucker or long-haul driver should invest in motor truck general liability. This is true even if you are a small operation or do not have a storefront. In fact, smaller operations need this type of insurance the most, as it can help keep their doors open should something go wrong on the road.

You should get truckers insurance even if you already have an auto policy in place. Truckers general liability insurance covers a few things not included in a commercial auto plan. For example, if you have a dog with you when you drive, and it attacks someone, your commercial auto policy does not cover it. Other things, such as missed deliveries, and loading or unloading damages are also not covered by commercial auto plans.

Read all of your truckers policies careful, making notes about the extent of your available coverage. This helps you identify any gaps in coverage early on, so you can work on filling them in. Unless you read your policies carefully, you could wind up mistakenly believing you have coverage for something you do not. This can adversely affect your budget at best and could result in a costly, out-of-pocket settlement at worst.

Motor truck general liability covers many different types of trucks, including flatbeds, dump trucks, refrigerated trucks, and dry vans. There are several types of vehicles that are not covered by truckers insurance, such as garbage trucks, cement trucks, and buses. Contact an insurance broker today if you are not sure your vehicle qualifies.

How to Find the Best Truckers Liability Insurance

Having this kind of insurance in place is important, especially if you spend long hours on the road. While most policies cover the same or similar things, you should still take the time to compare policies in detail. Some may offer additional services, while others may have reduced fees.

Take the time to read over your policy and contact your agent if you have questions. Everyone should know what their policies cover. This can help keep you calm and collected if an accident, theft, or vandalism occurs.

Before you start shopping around, make a small list of all your trucking insurance needs. This list should include details such as your driving record, the make and model of the truck, and how frequently and how far you drive. Write down your upper and lower budget as well to help make your search for the best policy that much easier.

Always get insurance from a reputable, licensed provider. You need to know that the company is not going anywhere and that your invested funds are safe. While other companies may offer cheaper rates, be sure you go with one that you can trust will pay a claim if you ever have one.

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Truckers General Liability Insurance - The Bottom Line

We hope this article on truckers general liability insurance has been informative. Understanding more about motor truck general liability insurance helps protect you should the worst happen when you are on the road. It also opens up the number of available jobs, especially for those who are for-hire drivers or who do not drive for a corporation.

Many risk managers demand that all truckers hired or contracted by an organization have this type of insurance already in place. To find out more about truckers insurance, contact your local insurance agent and arrange for a consultation today.

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