General Liability Insurance
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Get general liability insurance quotes, cost & coverage fast. Commercial general liability protects your business from another person's or entity's claims involving bodily injury or property damage.

Commercial General Liability

General Liability Insurance ⋆ Quotes, Cost & Coverage

It may be hard for you to imagine how your business could cause another person serious harm or even death. But if you are ever found liable for someone harm or injury, general liability insurance can provide financial protection.

A business that purchases commercial general liability insurance, is covered for the cost of defending and settling real or fraudulent claims pertaining to bodily injury, that may be faced by a customer at the place of business or injuries sustained by employees at the client's workplace; property damages; personal injury as a result of defamation; operations liability and advertising injury up to a maximum amount as stated in the contract.

General liability insurance is the most foundational business insurance. It covers non-professional negligent acts.

Does My Business Need General Liability Insurance?

One of the most trying situations a business owner can face is liability claims for injury or damages to third party. Any business is exposed to bodily injury and property damage claims and the resulting litigation from the your business operations.

Legal fees and judgements can put small companies out of business. A general liability insurance policy would provide defense costs for a covered claim and pay damages if the business is found legally liable.

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

General liability is commercial coverage that is designed to provide financial protection for businesses from many types of risk exposures. A General liability insurance policy has 3 main parts of coverage; Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability (Coverage A), Personal and Advertising Injury (Coverage B) and Medical Payments (Coverage C). Following are some of the most important coverages:

What General Liability Insurance Doesn't Cover

General liability typically does not cover:

Claims-Made vs Occurrence

When buying commercial general liability it's important know the difference between a claims-made or occurrence policy:

Claims-Made - Provides coverage over a specific time period, and only covers claims that are made during that time period - even if the claim happened at a different time. So if you had a policy that cancelled on January 1, 2020 - then a claim was filed on February 1, 2020 for an injury that happened on December 1st 2019 - you WOULD NOT have coverage.

Occurrence - This policy is different because it covers claims that occurred during a specified time period, and will not cover claims that occurred before the policy was effective. So if you had a policy that cancelled on January 1, 2020 - then a claim was filed on February 1, 2020 for an injury that happened on December 1st 2019 - you WOULD have coverage (if it wasn't exlcuded from the policy).

How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost?

How much does general liability insurance cost? The premiums vary depending on the amount of risk exposure, and it depends on the endorsements and deductible selected. Following are some of the main factors that go into the price of a policy:

Further Reading On Commercial General Liability Insurance

Understanding The ISO Commercial General Liability Coverage Form

You don't have any control over the ultimate cost of injuries to a person injured because of your operations, products, or services. The person injured may be a young child, a blue-collar worker, a surgeon, or a homeless person. The cost of the injuries may be comparatively minor or run into the millions of dollars, depending on the person and the extent of his or her injuries. Do you have sufficient assets to pay such a loss? And, if you do, should you use them that way? If not, the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Commercial General Liability (CGL) Coverage Forms are designed to help you protect your assets.

Consult the policy for definitions and limitations. The information below does not represent contract terms. The policy is subject to company underwriting practices.

What Is Covered

The ISO CGL Coverage Forms protect your assets in several ways:

Each of these coverages is subject to certain policy exclusions, conditions, and definitions.

What Isn't Covered

Every insurance coverage form or policy has certain exclusions and limitations. This is because only specific types of businesses need the coverage or the risk or exposure to loss is not considered insurable for some reason. Some bodily injury and property damage liability exclusions are:

Coverage B-Personal and Advertising Injury Liability and Coverage C-Medical Payments are subject to separate exclusions. Some are similar or identical to the ones listed above. Always review the coverage form carefully for other limitations and details of the exclusions.


Conditions are obligations you owe the insurance company as well as obligations the insurance company owes you when a loss occurs. The following is a partial list:


The ISO CGL Coverage Forms may have to be modified for a specific risk. There are a number of endorsements available that broaden, limit, or exclude coverage.

General Liability Insurance Forms

You can download a copy of the Commercial General Liability Coverage Form here.

You can find more ISO insurance coverage forms here:

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Not all commercial general liability insurance polices are the same. If you own or are starting a business, let one of our expert agents take a look at your current business policy. In most cases we can save you money and offer you better policy options than you currently may have.

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