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How do you find cheap general liability insurance for contractors? Learn how much commercial general liability insurance costs for general contractors, sub-contractors & 1099 independent contractors.

Cheap General Liability Insurance For Contractors

General liability insurance can offer the advantage of giving business owners the ability to make monthly payments, thus amounting to small payments over time, rather than one lump sum payment for coverage. Every major business owner needs some sort of liability insurance: in case of injury to another or unforeseen accident, damages paid by businesses can be extremely costly and often deadly for some smaller enterprises.

Liability insurance is necessary for long-term survival. But even with financing, the cost can add up. This is especially true for contractors and those in the construction industry, where injury is unfortunately fairly commonplace. Not to worry though, there are plenty of cost cutting measures for businesses that can help them with cheap general liability insurance for contractors.

What You Need to Cover

General liability insurance, at a bare minimum, should protect your business against any lawsuits for accidents, work place mishaps/mistakes, and bodily injuries. These are the most common setbacks for employees working within a contracting company and can be the most expensive if not properly covered. The insurance you purchase should cover both bodily damage to third parties, as well as property damages (construction sites can be risky to both!).

Keep in mind, where a person cannot sue the company, they may still come after you individually to pay back damages, so protect yourself accordingly. While finding cheap general liability insurance for contractors is important, don’t forget there an many risks businesses face, and you’ll need to compare policies to see what best suits your company.

Comparing Companies

There are many companies that say they offer cheap general liability insurance for contractors, so check them out to shop for the most budget-friendly and effective coverage plan for you. Here are several sites that you can start with to get a sense of what might best fit your need: – This site lets you build up your policy from the ground up. They do not specialize in contractor insurance, but have many types of general liability insurance you can choose from. While they are a diverse provider, if they are not able to provide you a plan that fits your needs, they will help you find one that does.

Insureon – Insureon recognizes the gray area between general liability insurance and contractor coverage. While many businesses do have liability insurance, unbeknownst to them, their contractor may not be covered by their plan. It’s unfortunately only after an incident that many business owners and contractors realize the flaw in this fundamental nuance of their policy. Insureon, by contrast, has put a preventative mechanism in place for contractors to ensure adequate protection. They let you search quotes that are industry specific and tailored to your business practice. In addition, they offer real time chat features with a specialist who can walk you through the type of policy that is best for you, and that can best suit your financial needs.

Progressive – Progressive offers plans specially tailored towards contractors. While they do offer a Business Operators Protection (BOP) plan that offers general liability insurance, they recognize that some contractors do not want to pay extra money for protection they are not likely to use. Because of this, they have offered a specially tailored contractor’s general liability insurance, where you can customize your plan, at a lower rate.

Beware of Exclusions

While these companies, and many others, offer competitive rates, you still have to be careful and do a bit of due diligence on your end. Make sure to ask about the exclusions within your commercial general liability insurance. There are often many exclusions attached to a policy that you may not know about, and that your agent may not mention directly. Ask about exclusions before committing to a policy and make sure that you are covered completely. If a policy price seems too good to be true, that should send off a red alarm in your head.


Finally, do not forget about your subcontractors. It is not enough to make sure you (or your contractor) are insured. Everyone working within a business must carry insurance that covers them for the same liability. Having a gap within this chain can often be costly for everyone involved if a lawsuit comes around. Where all parties are found jointly liable for any damage or injury, your insurance company may only be able to pay so much. To prevent this sort of financial disaster, be vigilant and make sure everyone is adequately insured.

Cheap General Liability Insurance For Contractors - The Bottom Line

We hope this article on cheap general liability insurance for contractors has been informative. Your insurance plan should cover both the company itself as a business entity, but also the individuals working for the company.

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