NJ Workers Comp
Class Codes (By Number With Description)

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NJ workers comp class codes are four digit numbers assigned by the The New Jersey Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau (NJCRIB). Workers compensation classification codes contain your industries injury rates & are used to determine your base premium cost.

New Jersey Workers Compensation Classification Codes

NJ Workers Comp Class Codes

According to the The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development: "New Jersey law requires that all New Jersey employers, not covered by Federal programs, have workers' compensation coverage or be approved for self-insurance. Even out-of-state employers may need workers' compensation coverage if a contract of employment is entered into in New Jersey or if work is performed in New Jersey."

So what are NJ workers comp class codes? Workers comp class codes are created by the The New Jersey Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau (NJCRIB), an organization that according to them:

"The New Jersey Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau (NJCRIB) was created, established and continued pursuant to N.J.S.A. 34:15-89 and -90.1. NJCRIB is charged by Statute to:

The responsibilities of NJCRIB include the following:

For example, for a roofer, tree trimmer, or demolition company, the cost could be $17 per $100 in payroll, or even higher. On the other hand, the cost to cover a attorney, accountant or real estate agent could be under $0.20 per $100 of their payroll. So, for an employee that earns $40,000 a year, a blue collar contracting company could pay around $6800, where a white collar business may pay just $80. It all depends on the risk or injury associated with the code.

Workers Compensation Insurance Information

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NJ Workers Compensation Classification Codes List

NJ workers comp class codes - some of the most searched class codes are:

... because the cost for workers comp base premiums are lower in these classes than most others.

Following is a list of the NJ workers comp class codes. Both the code and class description are listed in numerical order:

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