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Brewery Insurance

Breweries have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many beer enthusiasts embracing the craft beer scene. However, like any other business, breweries face risks and exposures that can lead to significant financial losses. That’s why having comprehensive brewery insurance is essential to protect your business.

Who Needs Brewery Insurance?

All breweries, regardless of size, require insurance coverage to reduce risks and exposures. Whether you’re starting up or an established brewery, having insurance coverage is vital for minimizing financial loss in unforeseeable events.

Types of Insurance Needed by Brewery Owners

As a brewery owner, there are several types of insurance coverage you should consider:

  • Property insurance – This type of insurance covers damage to your brewery building and equipment caused by fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.
  • Product liability insurance – This type of insurance protects your brewery from claims arising from product defects or injuries caused by consuming your beer.
  • General liability insurance – This type of insurance covers damages to third parties resulting from brewery operations.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance – This type of insurance covers workplace injuries to employees.
  • Business interruption insurance – This type of coverage protects your business from loss of income due to unexpected events such as natural disasters or equipment breakdowns.

How Much Does Brewery Insurance Cost?

The cost of brewery insurance varies depending on the type and amount of coverage you need. Factors such as the size of your brewery, the number of employees you have, and the type of beer you produce also affect the final amount you’ll have to pay for insurance coverage.

On average, brewery owners can expect to pay between $500 to $1,500 per year for general liability coverage alone. 

Breweries Risks and Exposures

Breweries face several risks and exposures that can lead to significant financial losses. Some of these risks include:

  • Equipment breakdowns – Equipment failure can lead to production downtime, resulting in a loss of income.
  • Contamination – Contaminated beer can lead to product recalls, which can be costly for a brewery.
  • Fire – Breweries use flammable materials, and a fire can quickly spread, causing significant damage to the building and equipment.
  • Employee injuries – Brewery workers are exposed to various hazards while working, and workplace injuries can lead to expensive medical bills and workers’ compensation claims.

Commercial Insurance and Business Industry Classification

  • SIC CODE: 5813 Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages)
  • NAICS CODE: 722410 Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages)
  • Suggested Workers Compensation Code(s): 9084 Bar, Discotheque, Lounge, Nightclub or Tavern

Brewery Insurance – The Bottom Line

Breweries face various risks and exposures that can lead to significant financial losses. Therefore, investing in brewery insurance coverage is crucial to protect your business from unforeseen events. While the cost of insurance coverage varies depending on the type and amount of coverage required, it’s a small price to pay compared to potential financial losses.

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