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Learn about PURE high net worth insurance (for financially successful families) coverage. PURE Insurance offers specialty high value property & liability insurance policies including auto’s, home’s and valuables.

PURE High Net Worth Insurance

Affluent families have complex insurance needs. Some of these needs are similar to those of the average person; however, many of them are unique to people who have a high net-worth.

In order to ensure that affluent individuals have the right insurance coverage that is customized to meet their specific needs, PURE Insurance has developed specialized insurance policy options that are specifically designed for those who have a lot of assets.

In fact, PURE high net worth insurance is specifically designed for those who are financially successful and who own high valued homes and assets. And since PURE only is very selective about who they insure, providing coverage for only the most responsible individuals, fewer insurance claims are made, which means that premiums are kept lower.

The Benefits Of PURE High Net Worth Insurance

If you are part of a wealthy family, there’s no doubt that you want to make sure that you choose the best insurance company to protect your assets. What are some of the benefits of choosing PURE Insurance? Here’s a look at some of the advantages that they offer:

  • A Member-Owned Model – PURE offers a specialized member-owned model. This means that those who become PURE members do not have to worry about being at odds with shareholders who are only after short term profits. Moreover, this member-owned model reduces premiums, as insure financially responsible families that have less claims, which translates to lower premiums of an average of 20 percent a year.
  • Dedicated Service – PURE is dedicated to provide services that reduce the high demands on their members by offering them a wealth of resources that aim to prevent or reduce losses, as well as help with the claims process, and more.
  • Transparency – PURE also believes in being completely transparent with the members that they insure. They understand that their members want to know what their money is being used for, how the prices they pay are determined, and how the entire insurance company is being managed. To that end, they issue reports annually that highlight how prices are set, provide insight on where money is going, an offer a detailed look at how PURE is operating.

PURE Insurance Coverage Options

Insuring affluent individuals is what PURE specializes in. This means that the company has the ability to focus on developing specialized insurance solutions that are specifically designed for their wealthy members. Their insurance policies are not only broad, but they are also flexible, meaning that they can be customized to meet each individual member’s needs. Some of the insurance coverage options that PURE offers include:

High Value Homeowners Insurance. PURE understands that high net-worth individuals tend to own high value homes, and that these individuals and their homes have needs that are much different than the average person. Their high value homeowner’s insurance offers the following:

  • Replace, rebuild, or receive a payout amount if the home is damaged in a fire, a storm, or any other event that is covered.
  • Guaranteed replacement cost offers the protection that is needed to cover the cost of rebuilding or replacing a home after it has been damaged.
  • Jewelry protection for any insured jewelry that is lost, misplaced, stolen, or damaged.

High Net Worth Auto Insurance. This insurance provides protection for high-end, luxury vehicles, collectible cars, motor homes, motorcycles, and even golf carts. All of these items can be insured on the same policy. Under this policy, you will receive:

  • A PURE Member Advocate, which will take care of all tasks that needed to be attended to after an accident.
  • Agreed value, which means the company will pay the agreed value that is highlighted on the policy with no deductible.
  • Original manufacturer’s replacement parts, so that any parts that need to be replaced after an accident will come from the original manufacturer.

PURE Member Advocates

On their website, PURE Insurance says, “Member Advocates are your reliable and compassionate partner before, during and after a claim. For example, they’ll help you locate a vendor to install an automatic water shut-off system, set an appointment with a fine art expert to appraise your collection of paintings, and much more. At the time of a claim, they’ll take on the administrative tasks, like finding rental cars or alternative housing, and provide you with a single point of contact for support. Once your claim is resolved, they’ll help you implement solutions designed to prevent similar losses from recurring in the future. And for covered losses greater than $10,000, they’ll also help you take advantage our $2,500 Loss Prevention Benefit to help implement those solutions.”

Other Insurance Options For Affluent Families

In addition to the above-mentioned insurance options offered by PURE, the company also provides coverage for:

  • Personal Excess Liability
  • Fraud and Cyber Fraud
  • Art Collections
  • Watercraft
  • Flood

PURE High Net Worth Insurance - The Bottom Line

We hope this article on PURE high net worth insurance has been informative. Each coverage type offered by PURE is specifically designed to ensure that high net-worth families have the protection that they need. PURE insurance reviews, PURE insurance vs Chubb, PURE insurance rating, PURE insurance login, PURE insurance claims, PURE insurance wiki & PURE auto insurance.

High Net Worth Insurance Information

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