Sexual Misconduct Liability
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What does sexual misconduct liability insurance cover? Also know as sexual misconduct and molestation liability, this policy offers protection for businesses against allegations of sexual misconduct and molestation by employees or officers.

Sexual Misconduct Liability Insurance

Sexual Misconduct Liability Insurance

Certain commercial general liability insurance policies will offer coverage for specific types of sexual misconduct. However, these policies also exclude many acts that are considered sexual misconduct.

Should your general liability not cover a specific type of sexual misconduct and a claim is filed against your company, you could be looking at serious legal issues, reputational damage and hefty costs. The best way to assure coverage against these types of claims is with sexual misconduct liability insurance coverage.

What Is Sexual Misconduct Liability Insurance?

Sexual misconduct and molestation liability insurance is a specialty form of coverage. It is specifically designed for business owners and was developed to provide protection against the financial losses and damaged reputation that can be associated with sexual misconduct or molestation allegations.

As a business owner, it might be hard to imagine an employee committing an act of improper sexual conduct; however, you know that there is always a possibility that sexual abuse in the workplace can occur. In order to safeguard your business in the event that an employee does commit a heinous act, it's wise to invest in sexual misconduct liability insurance coverage.

What Does Sexual Misconduct Insurance Cover?

Though coverage will differ from policy to policy and from insurer to insurer, the following features are usually covered by a sexual misconduct and molestation policy:

The cost of sexual misconduct claims can be astronomical. Acts of sexual abuse and molestation, harassment, and improper sexual conduct are not legally tolerated in the workplace. Should an employee commit any of these acts against another employee or a client, a company could be held liable and have to pay hefty legal fees and compensation to the person who filed the claim. Moreover, the damage that these types of lawsuits can cause to the reputation of a company can be severe and costly to repair. Sexual misconduct liability insurance offers the coverage that is necessary for any legal fees, compensation, and reputation management that occurs as a result of a sexual misconduct claim./

Who is Covered by Sexual Misconduct & Molestation Insurance?

Again, those who are covered by this type of policy will differ from insurance company to insurance company; however, generally, a sexual misconduct liability insurance policy will provide coverage for the following individuals:

Who Should Have Sexual Misconduct Liability Insurance Coverage?

Any company that hires employees or that works with the public should have this coverage. Employees can commit acts of sexual misconduct or molestation against other employees, or they can commit them against anyone whom they work with, including clients and other individuals that they serve. Examples of business or organizations that should not overlook having this type of insurance coverage include:

A current example is the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) - which now requires certain contractors for the The Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN) Program - to carry Sexual Misconduct Libility in the amount of $2,000,000 per cliam for acts of abuse, molestation, harrasment, mistreatment or maltreatment of a sexual nature.

How Does Sexual Misconduct Insurance Work?

Allegations of sexual misconduct need to be taken seriously and handled seriously, and sexual misconduct liability insurance can ensure that these types of allegations are handled properly. This coverage works by paying for any legal expenses that may be associated with defending a claim that has been brought against an employee, a contractor, or the employer by another employee, clients, or other individuals that are associated with the organization. Abuse and molestation insurance cost, stand alone abuse molestation insurance, abuse and molestation insurance application & monoline abuse and molestation insurance.

Sexual Misconduct Liability Insurance - The Bottom Line

We hope this article on sexual misconduct liability insurance was informative. Cases of sexual misconduct occur all the time. Employees are sexually harassed, clients are touched inappropriately, and various other types of misconduct occur on a regular basis. Should an organization face claims related to such misconduct, the effects of those claims can be devastating. Having the proper insurance coverage can help to safeguard a company and the entities that it associates with in the event that sexual misconduct claims are filed.

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