Commercial Tenant
Insurance Requirements (What Are They?)

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What are typical commercial tenant insurance requirements? A landlord will generally require a lessee at the minimum to have a premise general liability policy & often require to be listed as additional insured.

Commercial Tenant Insurance Requirements

Commercial Tenant Insurance Requirements

If you are renting a commercial building for business use, chances are that your landlord is going to require you to get an insurance policy before allowing you to sign the lease.

If this is the first time you are renting a commercial building, you are might not have the first clue about what type of insurance you need.

To help make things easier for you, here's a look at some important information you should know about commercial tenant insurance requirements.

Commercial Insurance Types That Lessors Typically Require

The landlord of your commercial building will likely require that you maintain the following types of commercial property insurance policies:

The amount of commercial tenant insurance requirements coverage you will need for each policy will be dependent on the specific requirements that are set forth by your landlord. Additionally, you may not need all of the mentioned policies, or you may need additional coverage, which is also dependent on the requirements of your landlord.

Coverage for Your Landlord

Most landlords commercial tenant insurance requirements will require that your insurance policies cover them, as well as you. By doing so, the lessor will ensure that he or she is properly protected in the event that any mishaps occur on the property that you are renting. You can extend the coverage of your insurance policies in one of the following ways:

  1. Include your landlord as an "additional insured" on your insurance policies.
  2. Include your landlord as "named insured" on your insurance policies.
  3. Include your landlord as an "interested party" on your insurance policies.
  4. Note the interests of your landlord on your insurance policies.

By extending coverage to your landlord, he or she will be afforded a certain amount of protection under your insurance policies.

Insurance Requirements That Are Often Included In Commercial Property Leases

The following insurance requirements are commonly included in a lease for a commercial property:

If the use of the leased building has the potential to increase your landlord's risks, and as such, requires additional coverage, you may be required to cover the additional costs for his or her insurance. Commercial tenant property insurance, commercial lease agreement insurance requirements, commercial lease insurance provisions, who is responsible for building insurance landlord or tenant, commercial lease insurance clause, standard commercial lease insurance requirements, commercial property insurance requirements & tenant as additional insured.

Commercial Tenant Insurance Requirements - The Bottom Line

We hope this article on commercial tenant insurance requirements was informative. Insurance coverage is the best way you and your landlord can protect yourselves from any potential perils that could occur. Make sure you read your lease thoroughly to find out exactly what type of insurance requirements it includes.

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