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Learn the differences between dwelling coverage vs homeowners insurance. Home insurance provides dwelling coverage and also includes personal property liability protection too.

Dwelling Coverage vs Homeowners Insurance

Most homeowners know that they need some form of insurance to protect their investment in their homes, as well as their belongings, should anything go wrong.

Trying to figure out which type of insurance policy you need can be a lot harder than you think, as there are numerous types of policies available. Two of the most popular ones covering your home are dwelling coverage vs homeowners insurance.

Understanding the differences between then as well as when to purchase which one is a key part of responsible property ownership.

What is Dwelling Coverage?

Dwelling coverage is meant to cover homes other than the primary residence. For example, homeowners who also have a vacation home or cottage home would require dwelling coverage for these properties, but not for the home they live in the rest of the year. This type of insurance is important, along with liability coverage, if you own a rental property. Your renters are required to purchase a separate policy to cover their own belongings.

Dwelling coverage vs homeowners insurance – in some cases, insurance companies have add-on peril packages, covering things like vandalism or water damage. If your building is in an area where these events are likely to occur, you may want to invest in this additional coverage as soon as possible.

It is important to note that these policies do not cover possessions, nor do they include liability coverage. If you are purchasing dwelling coverage for your vacation home, you should ask your agent about other packages that may include possession insurance.

This is particularity important if you tend to keep store items at the home year-round, such as expensive barbeques, portable air conditioning units, and outdoor sporting equipment. You should also purchase liability insurance in addition to dwelling coverage. If you have guests over or if something happens on the premise of the rental property, you may be liable for all damages without adequate protection.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners vs dwelling fire insurance. Home insurance covers the individual’s primary residence; the place they spend most of their time. Most policies have a six-month rule that they apply to these situation; the residence you stay in for more than six months out of the year is your primary one. This type of coverage extends to the possessions and belongings within your home. In the event of a fire or theft, you can turn to your policy for replacement.

Homeowners insurance coverage also extends to liability, giving you protection should an accident tor injury happen on your property. It is crucial to have this type of policy, because you never know when something may go wrong. A small injury or natural disaster could set you back thousands of dollars. Avoid debt by purchasing the correct type of insurance today.

How to Determine Which One You Need

Dwelling coverage vs homeowners insurance – in most cases, it is pretty clear which type of insurance you need. Vacation properties that you only spend the summers in or rental properties that are either vacant or occupied clearly require dwelling coverage. The home where you and your family live the rest of the time needs homeowner’s insurance.

Depending on your circumstances, things may not be that obvious. For example, you may spend quite a lot of time at your vacation home, to the point where it may be hard to tell which one is your primary residence. In situations like these, it is best to contact an insurance agent to learn more about their policy requirements.

You may also find yourself confused about insurance if you rent out your property for more than three months and also keep some personal belongings in the home. In these cases, you may need to purchase multiple policies to achieve comprehensive coverage. It is best to talk to an insurance agent rather than guess at the coverage you need and find yourself lacking.

Dwelling Coverage vs Homeowners Insurance - The Bottom Line

We hope this article on dwelling coverage vs homeowners insurance has been informative. It is important to have adequate coverage on your home. Not only is it your biggest investment, it is also filled with important belongings and people you want to protect. Learning about the types of polices you need to ensure you have full coverage important. If you still have questions or are confused about the best type of coverage for your unique situation, contact an insurance agent today. They can help guide you to the right policies, ensuring maximum coverage for you and your home.

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