Daycare And Childcare Insurance Quote

Call us at (855) 767-7828 to get in-home your or commercial daycare & childcare insurance quote - and find out how much your child care business insurance cost will be. Get comprehensive insurance coverage from A+ rated specialty commercial and home daycare insurers."

Daycare And Childcare Insurance Quote Information

Daycare And Childcare Insurance Quote

Child care insurance is a specific type of business insurance that is designed to meet the unique needs of in-home and commercial daycare providers.

IMPORTANT: If you operate an in-home child care business, please note that virtually all homeowners insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for any type of daycare business operation. This means you must buy insurance protection for your child care business under a separate commercial insurance policy.

We are able to help both licensed and unlicensed in-home and commercial center providers.

Daycare And Childcare Insurance Quote

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Who Needs Childcare & Daycare Insurance?

Whether you operate an in-home daycare business, or have an established commercial child care center - you will want to consider daycare insurance. In many cases, this coverage is required - either by the state regulatory authority or a landlord.

Get a daycare & childcare insurance quote. Childcare centers and nursery schools are almost always required to carry daycare liability insurance in order to be licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and most states require this licensure in order for the businesses to legally operate. While the DHHS has very strict guidelines that your child care business must follow, your insurance company may have even more strict requirements to help reduce risk - that will have an affect your daycare insurance premium. These requirements are put in place to limit your exposure to liability lawsuits and reduce the chance your insurer will have to pay claim. Common requirements may include:

Childcare & Daycare Insurance Quote - The Bottom Line

When you start your childcare business, be sure you familiarize yourself with the requirements in your state and municipality. After you've determined what the structure of your business is (sole proprietor, LLC, corporation, partnership etc.) and how many children and of what age you want your capacity to ben, it's time to consider daycare insurance coverage.

When you apply for permits and register your childcare business with your state government (if you are so requires) you will need to find the best fit coverage that meets your needs. Simply fill out the in-home or commercial daycare & childcare insurance quote on this page to find out what your premium cost will be.

Further Reading On Daycare Insurance

Insurance Classification Of Daycares

Insurers classify childcare businesses using several coding systems. You can wind up paying more for your insurance if your childcare is not properly classified - like an in-home daycare being coded as a commercial center. Below are the three most commonly used coding systems for commercial daycare insurance:

SIC Code 8351 - Child Day Care Services

Here is the official OSHA SIC code description for daycare:

Establishments primarily engaged in the care of infants or children, or in providing prekindergarten education, where medical care or delinquency correction is not a major element. These establishments may or may not have substantial educational programs. These establishments generally care for prekindergarten or preschool children, but may care for older children when they are not in school. Establishments providing babysitting services are classified in Industry 7299. Head Start centers operating in conjunction with elementary schools are classified in Industry 8211.

  • Child care centers
  • Day care centers, child
  • Group day care centers, child
  • Head Start centers, except in conjunction with schools
  • Nursery schools
  • Preschool centers