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Have you been asked for an ACORD 27 Evidence of Personal Property Insurance? A Certificate of Insurance form is a document that provides information about insurance policies to third parties – but is not an insurance policy.

ACORD 27 Evidence of Personal Property Insurance

If you have any property, you have likely purchased insurance for it, especially if it’s over a certain value. In that case, you have been asked for a ACORD 27 Evidence of Personal Property Insurance, just one of the many bureaucratic features of the insurance industry. There are millions issued in the United States each year.

The Evidence of Personal Property Insurance form is designed for someone, other than a party having an insurable interest in property, who wants to know the types of property coverages being maintained by the party being requested to confirm its property coverages.

It’s important to note that the certificate of insurance is not an insurance policy itself, but instead just a summary of the things included in your plan.

Who Uses an ACORD 27?

As a person who purchases an insurance plan, you are entitled to a certificate of insurance for any number of reasons. An ACORD 27 Evidence of Personal Property Insurance is specially issued for individuals who have insured their personal property, that is, property they tend to use for individual enjoyment, rather than a business purpose. There are many different situations in which interested individuals may not be on your plan, but need a copy of the ACORD 27 Evidence of Personal Property Insurance in order to verify protection of the property.

For example, if you are renting a space to live in and the owner of the building wants to know if you have liability insurance, you can ask for a certificate of insurance. If you are a mortgagee, often times your lender may ask you to prove that you have insured your personal property, since they also have an interest in maintaining the property is safe from damage, accident, fire, etc.

How Does it Work?

The ACORD 27 Evidence of Personal Property Insurance is governed by state law, and varies depending upon jurisdiction. But form and function of it are standard for all 50 states. They cover the insurance plan at the time the certificate is issued, and nothing else. No rights can transferred through the use of a certificate of insurance. It’s fairly easy to obtain an ACORD form; they are available on their website.

You can download the form online or fill out an e-form. In order for them to be effective, an authorized representative of your insurance company generally signs them. But generally, your insurance company should have them on hand so if you put in a request for one.

More On Certs

You can download a blank copy of the form here: ACORD 27 Evidence of Personal Property Insurance.

You can find more certificates on the ACORD forms list, and to learn more you can check out understanding ACORD certificate of insurance.

ACORD 27 Evidence of Personal Property Insurance – The Bottom Line

We hope this article on ACORD 27 Evidence of Personal Property Insurance has been informative. Generally the best course of action is to ask for one from your insurance agent when you first purchase the policy. This way, should it ever come up that you need one, you already have a copy on hand. But so long as the details of your policy and authorized signature if on it, you should be able to use it as soon as needed.

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