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Have you been asked for an ACORD 23 Vehicle or Equipment Certificate of Insuranc? A Certificate of Insurance form is a document that provides information about insurance policies to third parties – but is not an insurance policy.

ACORD 23 Vehicle or Equipment Certificate of Insurance

Everyone knows what car insurance is, but not everyone is familiar with ACORD 23. The ACORD 23 Vehicle or Equipment Certificate of Insurance provides evidence to a third party that there is an insurance policy in effect at the time the certificate is requested.

It can provide proof that the insurance and benefits are applicable to the person to anyone who is asking.

These forms are filled out by your broker, agent or the insurance companies, and they help others know what that person’s policy is and what it covers.

They are simple to understand and read, and the ACORD 23 can be used for vehicles or equipment.

Who Needs It

Anyone who owns or finances a vehicle or piece of equipment may need an ACORD 23 Vehicle or Equipment Certificate of Insurance. These forms can be requested for various reasons, and the insurance company can either give one to you ahead of time, or issue a certificate to the person inquiring about your policy.

Vehicles for the purpose of the this form are defined as a motor vehicle, an on-road vehicle, off road vehicles, highway vehicles, and non-highway vehicles. However, the vehicles may need additional coverage that is not listed on this certificate due to laws by State Departments of Motor Vehicles. Always check with your state to see if this form can provide adequate proof of your insurance at a time of need.

Required Form

The ACORD 23 Vehicle or Equipment Certificate of Insurance form can be used for both vehicles and equipment.

On the form, the first thing listed is your name and contact information. Then, the insurance company’s name and contact information is going to be listed below. Policy and benefit information is briefly explained, and the dates of coverage are listed on the form. After the policy information, the vehicle or equipment information is going to be filled out. Things like the manufacturer, body type, model, and VIN should be listed on the form. For equipment, there is a spot to put in a description of what it is, what the serial number is listed as, and the value of it.

Your car value should also be listed on the form. After that, the certificate of insurance should be given a certificate number and a revision number. It should be filled out by the insurance company that holds your policy and then given to you already filled.

When to Use

The main purpose of the ACORD 23 Vehicle or Equipment Certificate of Insurance form is to provide information about insurance in the case of any damage. Leased and financed vehicles still use this form, and the insurance for these can be proven by the form. When there is an accident, the other party should see this form and write down the info for proof of insurance. It proves that you can cover the cost of the accident because you have insurance.

More On Certs

You can find more certificates on the ACORD forms list, and to learn more you can check out understanding ACORD certificate of insurance.

ACORD 23 Vehicle or Equipment Certificate of Insurance – The Bottom Line

We hope this article on ACORD 23 Vehicle or Equipment Certificate of Insurance has been informative. There are also times others may request this form. If you are driving for a job, for example, they are going to need proof of your vehicle being insured. The same goes for if you are using a piece of equipment on a job.

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