20992903_mWhy get renters insurance?

Okay, chances are your lease agreement requires you to get coverage. If that’s the case there are reasons for getting more than a “bare-minimum” type of policy.

And if your lease doesn’t require you to get insurance there are good reasons for protecting your assets.

Let me explain…

So What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters insurance (also known as “tenants insurance”) protects you from the financial loss in the case that your personal property gets stolen or becomes damaged because of a water-leak in an upstairs apartment, storm damage to the building or fire.

And just like a homeowners policy, renters insurance covers all of your personal belongings (including the furniture) in your apartment.

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Which Renters Insurance Policy is Right for You?

The biggest single factor to consider when getting a policy is to calculate (or estimate) the total overall value of your contents.

Obviously, the higher the value of your property the more insurance coverage you’ll want.

For most people a basic policy is enough to provide protection for everything you own. However, some people may benefit from including additional policy options (known as riders) to offer additional protection for their possessions. This is especially important if you own antiques, have collectibles or keep fine wines in your apartment.

Not sure which policy is right for you?

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