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Pennsylvania ATV Insurance

There is a great deal of varying information circulating on insurance laws concerning All Terrain Vehicles. Many states do not require any form of insurance to own or operate an ATV, however, several do. Pennsylvania ATV insurance is required. Pennsylvania law mandates all ATV’s to be registered and to have purchased and maintained minimum insurance on the vehicle. By state law, anyone owning an ATV must have at least liability coverage on the vehicle, this being said, the state recommends more complete and inclusive coverage plans.

Another reason for confusion on the subject, is some confuse Pennsylvania ATV insurance with homeowners insurance. In the past, some homeowner’s policies will have special mentions for off road vehicles and their coverage as a homeowner. It is important to note, just because a homeowner’s insurance policy has a clause for ATV’s does not mean they will cover any damages to third party property that is caused in an accident with the vehicle.

This includes allowing others to ride the vehicle on the homeowner’s property. For example, a Pennsylvania court ruled that homeowner’s insurance was not required to cover the costs that a guest sustained while riding as a passenger on the ATV. This also applies to guests who ride the vehicle alone while on the property. So while homeowner’s insurance may imply that the vehicle is covered while on the property, there are many exceptions where this is not true and that one reason the state requires Pennsylvania ATV insurance.

Why Do I Need Pennsylvania ATV Insurance?

The only insurance coverage required for ATV owners in the state of Pennsylvania is liability. If you are using your ATV solely on land owned or leased by you, you are not required to get liability insurance. All other riders must carry liability insurance. Proof of that insurance must be carried with you when you ride. There are no minimum requirements or coverage standards established by DCNR or the Snowmobile/ATV Law for the liability insurance. Pennsylvania ATV insurance is designed to protect the driver or owner just like any other automobile insurance.

Any damages arising out of an accident need to be insured. While this insurance operates slightly different than traditional auto insurance, the core concept is the same. In most cases with a car accident, the property that will have been damaged is another car. This is not likely to be the case with an ATV. However, liability insurance (the insurance that would cover damages to the other car) will also cover damaged done to a home or building that has been struck by an ATV.

The result being, that in the case of an accident, the owner is not on the hook for the entirety of the damage. This will protect not only the driver or owner of the ATV but will also ensure the third party who suffered damages will get their money in a timely manner.

What Types of Insurance Options Are Offered For Pennsylvania ATV Insurance?

Many of the same policy options that are offered for traditional auto insurance policies are also offered for ATV’s. Apart from mandatory liability coverage, the state also recommends medical coverage and comprehensive coverage. Medical coverage will act to cover any expenses that arise from bodily harm that the rider or passenger suffer. Comprehensive, on the other hand, most notably pays to replace a vandalized, stolen, or similarly destroyed ATV. This includes damages from severe weather or in the case of fire. Another optional coverage is uninsured motorist coverage. This is important if you drive your ATV on actual roads (dependent on such laws). This will come into play if the vehicle is struck by another driver that does not have efficient insurance on their own vehicle.

The choice to purchase additional coverage options should be based highly on the amount the vehicle is used and the value of the vehicle. Many times, those buying a new ATV may go through a financing company for purchase. Often times these finance companies will require additional coverages such as comprehensive to be sure they will receive their money in case the ATV is destroyed.

How Much Does Pennsylvania ATV Insurance Cost?

Pennsylvania ATV Insurance

Pennsylvania ATV InsuranceThe cost of the insurance policy annually will depend almost completely on which coverages the owner chooses. For those who choose only the basic (mandatory) liability the cost will be very low. However, the more inclusive the policy is, the more expensive the coverage will be

In the end, being a responsible ATV owner requires purchasing Pennsylvania ATV insurance. This will not only ensure you are driving legally, but also confidently.

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