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Pennsylvania Renters Insurance

Did you know that Pennsylvania renters insurance can protect you against the loss of your personal items? Your landlord has no responsibility to pay to replace your personal property after a burglary or fire loss. For that you do need Pennsylvania renters insurance. You probably have more stuff than you think, like: furniture, clothing, stereo, television, computer, books, jewelry, sports equipment, pots and pans, dishes and more.

Property owners are responsible for insuring their rental homes and apartments against damages or losses resulting from fire, earthquakes, and other unanticipated disasters. However, landlord insurance only covers the property owner’s property, your personal property as the tenant isn’t covered. It’s your responsibility as a tenant to have the appropriate Pennsylvania renters insurance coverage to protect your furniture, sound systems, computers and other valuable items in your home from theft, fire, or other disasters that may cause damage or loss

PA Renters Insurance Coverages:

  1. Personal Property Coverage – Covers your furniture, expensive jewelry, appliances, and other personal belongings from destruction, theft, fire, and storm. In case of a disaster that lead to the loss or destruction of personal property, personal property coverage helps recover your items until you are able to recover all or part of your belongings depending on the coverage you selected.
  2. Liability Coverage – Protects you from lawsuits and medical costs in case a person is injured in your property. For instance if your dog bites someone or if a visitor slips and injures himself, liability coverage covers any medical expenses, and legal fees in case you are sued.
  3. Medical Coverage – Pays for medical bills in case you or visitors to your residence are injured in your property or somewhere else do to your activities, children or pets.
  4. Additional Living Expenses – We don’t anticipate for fires, earthquakes or other disasters to happen. However disasters may happen rendering your home or apartment unlivable. Renters insurance can include additional living expenses coverage to help pay for your accommodation bills that you may incur when living in a hotel.

As a tenant, you can benefit a lot from Pennsylvania renters insurance. From protecting your belongings, giving you peace of mind, helping for medical bills in case of an accident, you can talk to your insurer about the different covers available, their features, and benefits.

Replacing everything could be very costly if you had to buy them all over again. PA renters insurance provides financial protection against the loss or destruction of your possessions when you rent a house or apartment. Also, it could cover your additional living expenses if you are unable to live in your apartment because of a fire. And just like homeowners insurance, Pennsylvania renters insurance also covers you in the event if someone is hurt in your place.

There are two types of Pennsylvania renters insurance policies you can buy:

  1. Actual Cash Value – is what you would pay for a similar item at today’s cost minus depreciation (replacement cost minus depreciation).
  2. Replacement Cost – is what you would pay for the item at today’s cost.

Pennsylvania Renters Insurance

Pennsylvania Renters InsuranceNot all renters insurance is the same. Some tenant policies cover more than others and costs for the same coverage may vary. Make sure that your coverage plan suits your needs.

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