19291879_mThere are really only a couple of reasons to get life insurance.

If you have a family with young kids you’ll want to ensure that your children and surviving spouse can maintain their current lifestyle should something terrible happen to either spouse.

Used this way life insurance serves as income replacement.

For older couples who want to protect and preserve their legacy to pass wealth along to their children a permanent life insurance policy can serve as an estate planning tool.

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What type of policy is right for you?

So getting the right policy for your needs comes down to knowing the purpose of the life insurance coverage.

This means you need to weigh 4 factors, such as:

  1. your financial situation
  2. your budget
  3. the reason for getting the policy
  4. your long-term financial goals

If estate planning and wealth transfer are important to you then a permanent policy makes the most sense.

If you have young children and need a larger dollar amount of insurance coverage to protect against lost income should something happen to you or your spouse, then term is the most economical policy option after signing up for group life insurance through your employer.

At the end the day getting life insurance, and ultimately knowing what it will cost, depends on your age and your health. Getting a policy when you are younger, and typically healthier, means you can get more coverage for the same or lower price.

Because it’s not just about getting a life insurance policy… it’s about getting the right policy for your financial situation.

Does that make sense to you?

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