Educators Legal Liability
Insurance (Schools, Colleges & Universities)

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Learn about educators legal liability insurance (ELL). ELL protects school boards against claims of failure to grant tenure, negligent counseling, wrongful termination and wrongful dismissal.

Educators Legal Liability Insurance

Educators Legal Liability Insurance

Colleges, universities, boards of education and all other institutions of education are big organizations that are held responsible for the care of a large number of students. These institutions also employ a large staff. Since there are so any individuals involved in the process of education, institutions of learning face a variety of risks on a constant basis that other types of organizations aren't faced with as frequently.

These institutions can be held liable for various legal claims that general liability insurance won't cover. As such, educational institutions need a specific type of insurance policy that is customized to meet their unique needs. Educators legal liability insurance (ELL) provides institutions of learning with coverage against a wide range of possible legal claims.

What Is Educators Legal Liability Insurance?

Educators legal liability insurance is a specialty form of insurance coverage that protects educational institutions against the damages that they could incur as a result of real or alleged wrongful acts. The types of claims that this form of insurance covers is broad and includes:

Who Does Educators Legal Liability Insurance Protect?

Those who are covered under educators legal liability insurance will differ from provider to provider. Therefore, it is important to check your policy to ensure who is covered. The following are individuals who you would want your ELL policy to protect:

What Type Of Benefits Does ELL Insurance Offer?

Again, benefits offered by educators legal liability insurance will differ from provider to provider. However, most policies will provide the following benefits:

Since the benefits offered by this type of insurance do vary from one provider to another, it is important to make sure that the policy you choose provides the specific coverage necessary to insure your institution. Should you need additional coverage, you do have the option to purchase more benefits.

Are there Any Exclusions?

All insurance policies have some exclusions and an educators legal liability insurance policy is no different. The types of losses that this policy will not cover will typically include:

Of course, check with your insurance provider to find out exactly what your policy won't cover to ensure have a full understanding of how you are protected.

How Much does Educators Legal Liability Insurance Cost?

The costs associated with an ELL policy will vary from insurance provider to insurance provider. They will also vary depending on the specifics of your institution and whether or not you need additional benefits that are not offered under a basic ELL policy.

Generally, the premiums that an insurance company will charge for a policy are based on the amount of students (both full and part-time) that attend the school, in addition to the number of people who are on staff.

Educators Legal Liability Insurance - The Bottom Line

We hope this article on educators legal liability insurance was informative. Legal claims made against institutions of learning seem to be increasing. Therefore, it is important for any organization that provides students with an education to be protected against such claims in order to minimize its losses. If you operate a school of any type - public or private - speak to a reputable insurance agency to learn more about a policy.

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