Willis Research finds teammate for aviation initiative

Willis Research finds teammate for aviation initiative

Willis Research Network (WRN) has partnered with Mitiga Solutions to provide volcanic ash cloud and sandstorm forecasting for aviation and aerospace clients.

According to a statement from WRN, Wills Towers Watson’s research arm, the new partnership will enable airlines, airports and associated organizations in both the public and private sectors to predict and mitigate the impact of natural hazards to air traffic management and aviation operations.

Volcanic ash, sandstorms and mineral dust are key hazards for airlines, which affect flight safety, aircraft routes, infrastructure and engine lifetime, the statement added.

Mitiga Solutions, which is an offshoot of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, offers the ability to assess the extent and height of the impact of hazards in almost real-time. According to WRN, these modeling capabilities can also be used to test and enhance preparedness. By using these developments in modeling, airlines and associated organizations are able to mitigate their exposure, re-route planes, minimize delays and cancellations, and related economic losses.

“We are delighted to partner with Mitiga Solutions on this important initiative, which provides valuable data insight to our aviation and aerospace clients,” said Rosa Sobradelo, senior research manager for earth risks at WRN. “It puts the WRN at the forefront of applied research for volcanic risk and reflects Willis Towers Watson’s commitment to delivering bespoke risk management solutions.”