Travelers augments California home policies with wildfire endorsement

Travelers augments California home policies with wildfire endorsement

The Travelers Companies has augmented home and landlord policies in California with a wildfire defense services endorsement.

The endorsement is included at no additional cost and provides an extra layer of wildfire protection for policyholders. Travelers is working with Wildfire Defense Systems (WDS), a private firm that specializes in wildfire mitigation, to help provide loss prevention services for homeowners such as reducing potential fuel sources, taping vents, and applying fire retardants.

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Additionally, WDS uses proprietary forecasting and threat analysis to identify Travelers customers who could be impacted by a wildfire and then utilizes other resources to take preventive measures, if possible.

“With its industry-leading services and deep experience in wildfire management, Wildfire Defense Systems can help us reach and protect more California homes in the event of an emergency,” said Michael Klein, executive vice president and president of personal insurance at Travelers. “This endorsement adds a significant amount of value to our home insurance products and provides extra peace of mind to our customers.”  

The additional endorsement is subject to policy terms and does not apply to customers that have fire coverage through the California FAIR plan or a “difference in conditions” endorsement with Travelers.