Nominations for IBA’s Hall of Fame are closing soon

Nominations for IBA’s Hall of Fame are closing soon

The time has come again for the insurance industry’s entrepreneurs, pioneers, and leaders to be recognized through IBA’s Hall of Fame, and add their names to the 60 other titans who have already been inducted.

To qualify for the Hall of Fame, an insurance professional has to have at least 35 years of experience in the industry, and needs to demonstrate a proven dedication and contribution to insurance. This year, Insurance Business America is adding gravitas to the report through enhanced methodology and an impressive panel who will be helping to make the selection.

The Hall of Fame Advisory Panel is an independent judging panel made up of industry leaders and Hall of Fame members that will evaluate candidates for 2019’s selection of inductees. Recommendations submitted from the Advisory Panel as well as nominations and self-nominations are considered. The panelists confirm the final inductee list based on all qualifying candidates’ industry achievements and contributions.

Jeff Rubin is one of the advisory panelists, and has experienced first-hand the honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Rubin started his insurance career in 1983 as a senior vice president at Light & Rubin Inc., before making his way to HUB. He has since played an active part in the company’s rotational training program, leading seminars and serving as a mentor to many throughout the organization, alongside his many involvements across the insurance industry.

Get your nominations for IBA’s Hall of Fame in soon – the deadline is August 23, 2019.

“I was nominated by some folks in our company because they knew I’d been in the industry more than 35 years,” said Jeff Rubin, senior vice president – client advocacy for HUB International Northeast, adding that today, his IBA Hall of Fame plaque hangs proudly on his wall. “It was a recognition of the culmination of what I’ve done in the industry, and it made me feel proud to be singled out and recognized in that way.”

He also sees the importance in getting the insurance industry’s leaders to step up on to the Hall of Fame podium, considering their contributions to the sector.

“I wear both hats – I manage and I produce, but I’m more on the management side – and I think that in our industry, there’s a lot of kudos, a lot of trips, and a lot of golf outings that go to the producers in our business,” said Rubin. “But for those that are in the trenches, handling the customers, dealing with crises and marketing, there’s not as many opportunities for recognition. I think that this gives people that have spent a career serving clients and serving their companies recognition where they may ordinarily not have the opportunity to get it.”

The Insurance Business America Hall of Fame survey can be completed here by August 23, 2019.