Brightway named one of 2019’s most innovative franchises

Brightway named one of 2019

Brightway Insurance has been recognized as one of 2019’s most innovative franchise brands by Franchise Business Review. Brightway ranked 33rd out of 100 brands featured on the list.

Franchise Business Review compiled the list by analyzing 18 months’ worth of feedback and data from more than 25,000 franchisees representing more than 250 brands.

“Innovation has been the foundation of our company and its driving force,” said Michael Miller, co-founder and CEO of Brightway. “It’s what drives continuous improvement in the support system we provide our franchisees that helps agencies flourish.”

Brightway recently introduced a number of improvements to drive innovation, including hiring its first chief technology officer, Bob Hitchcock, in July.

“Hitchcock brings with him 20 years of experience driving innovation in e-commerce, a skillset that will help us continue to be an innovator in this space,” Miller said.

In August, Brightway introduced a recruiting and competency-testing tool that allows its franchisees to assess agent candidates. Brightway also benchmarked the most successful agents in the system to allow franchisees to compare candidates to top performers.

“There are clearly brands that prioritize and value innovation and are constantly looking for ways to improve,” said Eric Stites, CEO of Franchise Business Review. “For prospective franchisees, understanding which brands are the most innovative can help you make a confident and smart investment. Each of the 100 companies on this list have developed and executed products, processes, or services that enable and sustain long-term relevancy.”