Are you giving away business to your competitors?

Nice looking website? Check! Email me at the bottom? Check! Unfortunately – in these digital times – that’s not enough any more. Is your site being shoved to one side by a local competitor, meaning that they are taking all your new business?

SEO moves rapidly, and the sad truth is that unless you’ve had a recent upgrade, you may indeed be lagging. The good news is that it’s easy to tell – a free session at July’s Insurance Connect event comes with a free analysis of your current site’s position, strengths and weaknesses.

After successfully increasing organic traffic by 90% for its own websites in the last year, Key Media created Key Optimize. This digital marketing and SEO agency combines all the best practices Key Media used for its own growth, and puts that experience into a turnkey solution for brokers and other insurance professionals.

Jacob Reeleder, SEO content manager for Key Media, explained that there is an increased importance for SEO and website analysis in our current environment.

“Understanding how and where your brand appears digitally is incredibly important,” he said. “Even if a potential client is referred to you, chances are they Google your organization first for some background. Or, they Google your industry to check out your competitors. A competitor with a more authoritative website and better placed thought leadership content is poised to steal clients.

“Your website’s authority is going to determine if you or your competitor comes up first for searches that you want to be found in. You may have a lot of content out there about catastrophe insurance, but if search engines and algorithms don’t trust your site, all that effort is going to waste. Luckily, the path to a high authority ranking is quite formulaic. We’ve figured out that formula and used it to help our clients.”

Catch Jacob’s presentation at Insurance connect for an overview of what a website and brand need to achieve a higher authority and better visibility. And, register to get a free authority report to see how your organization is doing now.