Welcome To Ethan’s Blog!

Welcome To Ethan’s Blog!

Ethan KosminGreetings reader! I am Ethan Kosmin, the EK in EK Insurance. I am a professional commercial insurance broker who gets the privilege to speak to small business owners every day.

I have such admiration for small business owners. They risk a lot and put their time, money, pride, experience and so much more on the line – to provide their customers, clients, patrons and patients with the products and services they want and need. They help drive our economy forward, create jobs and help their’s and/or other communities.

In this blog I will be sharing my personal experiences with small business owners, some funny, some sad, some mundane – but all real. As an business insurance broker I get a view into their world, and I want to share that with you.

Welcome To Ethan’s Blog! Enjoy and remember… Insurance Is A State Of Mind.

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