ISO Commercial General Liability Coverage Forms Eligibility

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Commercial General Liability Coverage Form


The Insurance Services Office (ISO) Commercial General Liability (CGL) Coverage Forms do not have any limitations or exclusions with respect to the specific types or categories of businesses or risks eligible for coverage. They are available to cover any commercial entity, venture, or risk and are available as either a monoline policy or as a coverage part in a commercial package policy.


There are no limitations on the types of risks that can be written on either of these coverage forms on either a monoline or package basis. However, there are limitations on the parts of the package policy premium that can receive the package credit.

1. Farm Liability risks eligible for Farm Combination coverage and Personal Liability risks do not receive the package discount.

2. Only the general liability exposures directly related in some way to the business conducted at a premises insured under one of the following coverages are eligible to receive a package modification:

  • Commercial Property
  • Highly Protected Risks
  • Capital Assets
  • Physicians and Surgeons Equipment
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