Businessowners Program Policy Delcarations

Businessowners Coverage Form

INTRODUCTION The advisory insurance Services Office (ISO) Businessowners Policy Declarations summarizes and combines general policyholder information, property coverages, and general liability coverages. This is only one of a number of possible formats, since each insurance company usually develops its own declarations. It incorporates all items necessary to summarize the insurance protection the coverage form includes. …

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Businessowners Program Eligibility

Businessowners Coverage Form

GENERAL ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Rule 22 in the Businessowners Section of the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Commercial Lines Manual (CLM) establishes specific eligibility rules, requirements, and guidelines for the ISO Businessowners Program. A particular risk that does not meet the eligibility requirements should not be written in this Program. In addition, many insurance companies have their …

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Businessowners Program Overview

Businessowners Coverage Form

INTRODUCTION The Insurance Services Office (ISO) Businessowners Program policy provides a package of insurance coverages to smaller businesses similar to those that the ISO Commercial Package Policy (CPP) offers. This program initially used separate property and liability coverage forms. It was reconfigured into a package approach in July 2002. The 07 13 edition addresses some …

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