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Ethan's Insurance Knowledge BaseSearch Ethan’s Insurance Knowledge Base for free access the insurance information you need to better understand the insurance policies you own… or are thinking of buying.

Whether you are legally required to buy insurance (like auto, workers comp etc), or you have a contractual requirement to purchase insurance, you should be able to easily find information. We provide updated, insurance policy information ready when they need it.

Here you can find detailed personal and commercial insurance information including coverages, exclusions and in depth policy analysis – to help you choose the ‘best fit’ insurance protection for business, family and life.

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Our goal is to continue to expand and grow Ethan’s Insurance Knowledge Base by adding new policy information. We aim to keep the articles educational, motivational and organized – as much as we can – after all – we are writing about insurance! (Insurance policies are very complex and written by lawyers, for other lawyers to understand in a lawsuit).

Insurance can be really difficult to understand, but it is also really important. Most people do not have enough money in the bank to pay for a large lawsuit if they are found liable for an accident or injury. That’s why having an easy to use guide of insurance policies, as well as simple explanations for those parts of insurance that are complex – is vital to buying the right coverage for your situation. Ethan’s Insurance Knowledge Base contains real world explanations of insurance policies & coverages and prioritizes what you need to know to ensure that you do not buy the wrong policies or think you have coverage when you do not.

Unfortunately, there are not many laws requiring companies to make insurance terms and contracts easy to understand. As a result, insurance has become much more complicated than it needs to be. More than three quarters of insurance consumers may not have the right type insurance for their situations or the right amount of insurance that they need; and most people with insurance are not even sure what it does, when it kicks in or how it works. Educating yourself on insurance coverages, exlcusions and other information is the mark of a smart consumer.

Ethan’s Insurance Knowledge Base

Ethan’s Insurance Knowledge Base is specifically designed with the consumer in mind. There is no hidden agenda here, instead, there is straightforward information about insurance. (Some of the information contains insurance industry jargon, so please see our insurance terms and definitions for explanations of unfamiliar words.) This includes business and commercial insurance, auto, home, life, fire, flood as well as other types of insurance that you may not even know are out there. The goal of the knowledge base is simple – to make sure that you are prepared next time you purchase an insurance product and are not manipulated or forced into paying too much, or buying to little.

Of course, you’ll have to do the work of reading the knowledge base and finding out what you need to know, but the good news is that it is separated into various sections with plenty of links, tables of contents, easy-to-follow navigation, search functions and much more that makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. There is no reason to be taken advantage of by an insurance company or insurance agent. Remember, these people want to make money from you, and is up to you make sure that you paying a reasonable price for the insurance that you need.