Lawyers Professional Liability
Insurance (Malpractice or E&O Coverage)

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Learn about lawyers professional liability insurance. This type of malpractice or E&O insurance covers attorneys for financial loss suffered by clients or others arising from acts, errors, and omissions in providing legal services & advice.

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Lawyers professional liability insurance is a necessity for attorneys who work independently and in group practices. Lawyers work in a very emotional profession. Clients who are not happy with the results of their suit may be quick to file a malpractice suit. Protection with proper insurance coverage is a necessity to protect the business, as well as personal assets.

Even when malpractice cannot be proven, and the suit is frivolous, the costs of defense can be high. One suit could easily drain large amounts of monetary resources. Attorneys have a responsibility to remain properly covered so that their business does not suffer or have to be closed due to malpractice accusations and costs.

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors & omissions coverage, provides protection for defense costs and settlement payments for malpractice allegations.

Tailored to Fit

The legal profession encompasses a large variety of subjects. Each type of lawyer focuses on a specialty. Criminal lawyers and family lawyers are examples of the varying types of practices. The nature of the business calls for different coverage for each practice.

A family lawyer works with divorces and cases involving children. These clients may complain about custody agreements and safety issues. Criminal lawyers may not need to be as concerned about the client, as they may be incarcerated criminals, however, the families of victims can bring trouble for the practice.

Some of the types of attorneys that use lawyers professional liability insurance are:


Lawyers professional liability insurance coverage in malpractice suits should include the cost of defense. It is an interesting aspect of the profession, to need one of your own at times. Settlements are often reached that help all parties to avoid the courtroom when malpractice is an issue. This can cut back on court costs, but may raise the settlement amount.

Coverage should cover legal fees, court costs, defense specialists, and settlement costs. The possibility of a large settlement is a concern by many insurance companies. Approval may only go up to a certain amount to avoid overuse or improper claims. A good defense can also help you avoid a settlement altogether. Either way, your broker needs to take a look your specialty and determine how costly a policy should be.


Coverage for lawyers needs to be comprehensive. Liability coverage is an important aspect of all businesses, as situations can arise that may affect the physical and mental well-being of others. These damages are often far reaching to include family members of the clients. This can include payouts for pain and suffering, mental health counseling, and defense costs. A comprehensive lawyers professional liability insurance policy can give peace of mind to the entire practice.


Doctors and lawyers are groups that often have to deal with suits that are labeled as malpractice cases. These claims indicate that something has gone wrong and is the fault of the service provider. An attorney may be accused of omitting information, not following procedure, or other errors during representation of the client. These cases are not taken lightly and require a significant amounts time and money to defend.


The best way to protect your practice is, of course, to avoid a malpractice suit in the first place. This is much easier said than done in many cases. Some insurance companies provide risk management support to help lawyers and their colleagues stay ahead of the game. A good office staff can also play an integral part in confirming the accuracy of all information before it is ever presented in the courtroom. Check the extra incentives offered by your insurance provider that aim to assist your practice in preventing malpractice suits.


Some insurance companies are affiliated with specific defense teams, or have their own lawyers. This can be a great asset in the event of a claim. An insurance company with these abilities is prepared to fight and win the case. They know what to look for and how to prove your innocence. If your insurance company does not have attorneys on staff, they often have recommendations of competent defense representation.

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Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance - The Bottom Line

We hope this article on lawyers professional liability insurance has been informative. Attorney malpractice insurance is a necessity for all practicing lawyers. The profession brings an uncertainty that calls for protection with every case. Court cases of all kinds bring immense emotion and potential unhappiness with outcomes.

Clients often try to find anything wrong that they can. They may seek justice by filing a malpractice suit, even if it is not a a legitimate claim. Protect yourself and your entire law firm with a comprehensive E&O insurance policy.

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