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Pennsylvania Landlord Insurance

Being a landlord is not an easy job. Between repairs, upkeep, and tenant management, it can easily turn into a full time job. As a landlord – as opposed to a normal homeowner – you can be stuck with a very different set of problems regarding your rental property.

Damage caused by tenants, extreme damage to the property, or personal injury that occurred on the property could leave you without the security of your renter’s payments for any stretch of time. We know you depend on your tenants’ rent as a steady source of income, so take a load off your mind with Pennsylvania landlord insurance plans.

Your property will be protected in case of theft, vandalism, or fire that causes damage to the premises. Like homeowner’s insurance, Wren Insurance has you covered in case of any damage to the home, property, or any additional structures such as sheds, storage facilities, fences, and garages.

You can also select coverage for additional peril events such as earthquakes, floods, lightning, storm damage, and hail damage, based on your area’s needs. Insurance doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Get your property covered against a variety of damages and liability today by choosing which amount of Pennsylvania landlord insurance coverage is right for you.

Keep your property and belongings protected. In addition to covering the property, Pennsylvania landlord insurance will also cover any additional belongings or appliances left on the property, such as microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, and laundry washer and driers that your tenants use.

Protect your investment and your income with Pennsylvania landlord insurance. We know you depend on your renters’ payments. If your rental property is declared unlivable due to extensive damage, your insurance plan will reimburse you for the cost of the rent your tenants would be paying you while repairs are completed.

Likewise, there is a variety of claims that could render you legally liable for damages as the landlord of a property. If a claim is brought against you due to personal injury or damage to the tenant’s belongings caused by your property, most Pennsylvania landlord insurance policies can reimburse you for any legal liability up to your claim limit. You will also be protected for non-injury claims brought by your tenants, including wrongful eviction, wrongful entry, libel, or slander.

For greater protection in this domain, consider personal Pennsylvania umbrella insurance options. Not only does PA liability umbrella insurance cover a wider variety of potential damages, it also has a higher limit on reimbursement, depending on your needs.

Insure multiple properties at once. Landlords often have multiple rental properties. Cut down on your stress by insuring all of your properties under one company. Make sure that they are all protected under our multiple property Pennsylvania landlord insurance plans so that you’re prepared no matter which property suffers from damages.

Pennsylvania Landlord Insurance

Pennsylvania Landlord InsuranceBeing a landlord can be stressful and time-consuming, but you can eliminate one worry from your life. Contact us today to find out the best way to get protection for all of your rental properties. We always take into consideration how much your properties are worth and recommend insurance that will protect your income and assets if you are found at fault and sued.

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